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On this show, I spotlight meeting and event professionals, global travelers, jet-setters, and more to relive the moments we never want to forget. More importantly, we’ll attempt, as best we can, to transport listeners to transformational points in our lives, sharing our observations and emotions behind these stories. By diving into the indelible impact these experiences have had on us, we decode small takeaways about how to be better humans than we were yesterday.

S2: Episode 10 The Greatest Value I Learned in the Entertainment Industry With Reena Friedman Watts Experience Junkies

Normally behind the “host microphone”, today’s guest is none other than Reena Friedman Watts. She is the host of the podcast “Better Call Daddy” and the owner of Megawatt Productions. Reena has also worked on several reality TV shows such as The Jerry Springer Show.  Throughout our conversation, Renna talks about the truth about how she became successful in the production and media industry. We tackled a myriad of other topics ranging from her humble beginnings in the industry to how she coaches entrepreneurs to find their first clients. This episode is chock-full of stories and relatable learnings from Reena’s storied career working in the entertainment industry. Tune in to this insightful episode and hear precisely the most outstanding value Reena learned in the entertainment industry.    Follow Reena on Instagram  You can also find Reena on her Website and the LinkedIn You can listen to Reena’s song selection on the show's Spotify playlist.   Join the Experience Junkies Discord to talk directly to Deanna, show guests, and other listeners!   Watch the visual episode on YouTube to see photos from Reena!    Follow the show on Instagram Follow Deanna on Instagram Intro music by John Yasutis
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