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On this show, I spotlight meeting and event professionals, global travelers, jet-setters, and more to relive the moments we never want to forget. More importantly, we’ll attempt, as best we can, to transport listeners to transformational points in our lives, sharing our observations and emotions behind these stories. By diving into the indelible impact these experiences have had on us, we decode small takeaways about how to be better humans than we were yesterday.

S2 Episode 3: Pushing Beyond Boundaries To Innovate with Heidi Legein Experience Junkies

There is no innovation without pushing past fear. Today, I am joined by Heidi Legein, the founder and the chief executive Guru at the Mice Guru. She is the creator of “The Digital Trip” – a virtual and immersive destination showcase series; and the “Digital Disruptor” an innovative, and transformative hybrid event concept. She is known for her strong will of going beyond the boundaries. As we dive into the conversation, Heidi and I talk about many important topics ranging from creating amazing experiences to innovating in the workspace. This episode is mainly about not being afraid of innovating and failure, for it can make us a winner in the end. Heidi gives us a mini motivational speech in this episode which will surely help you innovate and feel like a winner every single day.   Follow The MICE Guru on Instagram and Twitter You can also find The MICE Guru on Facebook, and LinkedIn You can listen to Heidi's song selection on the show's Spotify playlist.   Join the Experience Junkies Discord to talk directly to Deanna, show guests, and other listeners!   Watch the visual episode on YouTube to see photos from Heidi!    Follow the show on Instagram Follow Deanna on Instagram Intro music by John Yasutis
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