Episode Transcriptions

S2 Episode 12

[deanna_nwosu]: hello again experience junkies today is the season finale of season two and i brought someone special on to chat with me today it’s rachel sheerin she is a burnout expert keynote speaker mc and a bon experienced junkie we talked about a lot in our conversation including what she learned from burnout theContinue reading “S2 Episode 12”

S2 Episode 11

[deanna_nwosu]: you are all in for a treat today experienced junkies i have with me amber fortier of embody me live com while amber is young in years she’s very old in wisdom and knowledge at the tender age of nineteen amber left behind everything she knew i the us and headed to the otherContinue reading “S2 Episode 11”

S2 Episode 10

[deanna_nwosu]: on this episode i’m joined by reena friedman watts and reena has an interesting career journey she has been an experienced junkie throughout her work life listen into our conversation where we talked about working at a gary v event her time as a  producer on the jerry springer show and now evolving toContinue reading “S2 Episode 10”

S2 Episode 9

[deanna_nwosu]: hello experience junkies on today’s episode i have stacey newman weldon who is an advocate for living life on your own terms and teaches women how to go from woe is me to wow is me in this conversation we dive into how her first burning man experience changed her life stacey is nowContinue reading “S2 Episode 9”


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