Episode Transcriptions

S2 Episode 3

[deanna_nwosu]: On today’s episode of Experienced Junkies, you are in for a treat. I have Heidi Legein with the Mice Guru all the way from Norway, joining me for a conversation all about digital disruption, hybrid events, virtual events, but also just not being afraid to try new things and innovate and just going forContinue reading “S2 Episode 3”

S2 Episode 2

[deanna_nwosu]:  hey there, their experience junkies you are in for a treat with today’s episode, today i’m joined by katrina mcgee she’s a career coach and a sabbatical counselor and she helps women and others navigate taking gaps in your career um our conversation talks about her twenty months sabbatical where she traveled throughout theContinue reading “S2 Episode 2”

S2 Episode 1

[deanna_nwosu]: On today’s episode I am joined by the lovely Liz Lathan of Haute Companies, and we talk about the business case for emotions in experiences and events and how we can be proactive about creating those moments creating emotional connections with our attendees especially opportunities for serendipity, so I hope you sit back relaxContinue reading “S2 Episode 1”

S1 Episode 5

[deanna_nwosu]: For today’s episode, I jumped across the pond for a social media superstar in the meetings and incentives industry, and it’s none other than Sabrina Myers with the Hot hospitality exchange. If you have seen her on LinkedIn or Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that she is really a leader in the space ofContinue reading “S1 Episode 5”


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