Episode Transcriptions

S2 Episode 6

[deanna_camille]: welcome back to the show today’s episode i’ve got john pistotti he is an account executive in the virtual event and hybrid event tech space and you’re in for a troop for this conversation we talked about it all we talked about having a personal brand why there’s value in posting on social mediaContinue reading “S2 Episode 6”

S2 Episode 5

[deanna_nwosu]: i know experience junkies we don’t typically have what i would call adrenaline junkies on the show but i am joined today by a repeat triathalon brett musco brett has an interesting take on the accessibility and welcoming spirit of the triathlon community and how he makes training and experiencing the events a wholeContinue reading “S2 Episode 5”

S2 Episode 4

[deanna_nwosu]: hey experienced junkies on today’s episode i chat with Paige McClanahan Paige is a travel journalist she’s also a contributing writer to the new york times she also hosts the better travel podcast listen to our conversation will we talk about her life as an expat after leaving the united states more than fourteenContinue reading “S2 Episode 4”

S2 Episode 3

[deanna_nwosu]: On today’s episode of Experienced Junkies, you are in for a treat. I have Heidi Legein with the Mice Guru all the way from Norway, joining me for a conversation all about digital disruption, hybrid events, virtual events, but also just not being afraid to try new things and innovate and just going forContinue reading “S2 Episode 3”


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