Episode Transcriptions

S2 Episode 9

[deanna_nwosu]: hello experience junkies on today’s episode i have stacey newman weldon who is an advocate for living life on your own terms and teaches women how to go from woe is me to wow is me in this conversation we dive into how her first burning man experience changed her life stacey is nowContinue reading “S2 Episode 9”

S2 Episode 8

[deanna_nwosu]: hello experience junkies on in this episode i am joined by anca trifan who is the founder of tree fan events during this conversation anca shares about her immigrant journey to the us as a young adult over twenty years ago fast forward to present day and aka now runs her own boutique eventContinue reading “S2 Episode 8”

S2 Episode 7

[deanna_camille]: on today’s episode of experienced junkies i am joined by marissa chess has an awesome adventure story to share with us today of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro yes the summit in tanzania one of the highest summits in the world what’s surprising from our conversation is that this experience actually taught marissa to be lessContinue reading “S2 Episode 7”

S2 Episode 6

[deanna_camille]: welcome back to the show today’s episode i’ve got john pistotti he is an account executive in the virtual event and hybrid event tech space and you’re in for a troop for this conversation we talked about it all we talked about having a personal brand why there’s value in posting on social mediaContinue reading “S2 Episode 6”


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