S2 Episode 9

[deanna_nwosu]: hello experience junkies on today’s episode i have stacey newman weldon who is an advocate for living life on your own terms and teaches women how to go from woe is me to wow is me in this conversation we dive into how her first burning man experience changed her life stacey is now a lifelong burner and we talk all about the burning man community what the experience is how it’s curated and what makes it so special so sit back relax and take a listen to my conversation with stacy newman weldon all about how burning man brought color into her life

[deanna_nwosu]: welcome back to the experience junkies podcast today i am joined by stacey newman weldon and i’m really excited for our conversation because stacey is what we might call a subject matter expert in the area of burning man so for any of you who aren’t aware of what burning man is or maybe you’ve heard of it and just are kind of you know overwhelmed by the mystique of this event um she’ll break it down for us really in detail and kind of give us an insider’s view of the burning man experience and the burning man community so i’m really excited thank you for joining me today stacey

[stacey_newman_weldon]: hi deanna it’s great to be here

[deanna_nwosu]: wonderful so before we kick off tell the audience a little bit about who you are and what you do

[stacey_newman_weldon]: okay well my name is stacey newman weldon and i am an adventure mindset guru with a company called adventure wednesdays i like to help shift women’s attitudes from woe was me to wow as me by helping them to rediscover how to play and have fun again and i do that you know they don’t have to do it through massive adventures let’s start with that first baby step and see where it takes you and and in my case it started with just going out the office one day and taking a route home and ended up like having gone to burning man eight times

[deanna_nwosu]: wow what what a long journey or not a long journey but what you know starting from a and definitely ending up at z and that’s really it’s really interesting how you said taking women from woe is me to wow as me and i think that’s just like uh the essential living of j vi right like just the joy of life and joy of living and and trying to find you know the happiness and gratitude in every day right

[stacey_newman_weldon]: mm hmm and and so i try to help them do that by taking themselves out on adventures and trying new things or trying familiar things in new ways because when you shift out of that rut everything changes

[deanna_nwosu]: absolutely and it’s interesting so if you’re watching the youtube episode our visual episode you can see stacey is not just colorful in personality but she’s colorful on the outside shes got some blue hair she’s wearing a blue scarf she’s got purple glasses and i kind of match her today : with my purple glasses and my blue dress but that really wasn’t your life pre going to burning man for the first time stacey so can you kind of set the scene for who you were and kind of what your everyday experience was before your first burning man event

[stacey_newman_weldon]: oh sure um well back then i you know well i am you know i’m divorced and i have two grown sons and i guess going back eight eight years now trying to remember eight years yeah they were still in their teens so you know it was one of those you know mom of teens and i was a high powered advertising sales uh representative selling advertising in major magazines  and media in new york city and you know i had the closet full of black shoes and you know the standard black outfits um that often you know associate with new yorkers so um and it was a very you know commute into the city go to work commute back do things for the boys and you know whatever they were involved with um and my first time going

to burning man i was still working in the corporate world um actually for weight watchers they had a media division at the time whether they had a magazine and website that they sold a had advertising in and they don’t anymore but that’s another story um so my first burn was actually 2014.

so i have been you know you could say this is my eighth year ninth year no i can’t remember because because of the two that were only virtual it doesn’t really count and yes life has definitely shifted since then uh so in 2016 over the years i i did start my like adventure wednesdays as a blog to you know sort of keep track of all the adventures i’ve been having through adventure wednesdays and i you know uh you can’t really make ho a living off of a blog unless you started that back in two thousand six and i hadn’t so um

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[stacey_newman_weldon]: but i loved writing my stories and sharing them with with people and yes i’ve written about burning man a few times and in twenty sixteen i was downsized from my last corporate job and i think of one hundred ten people downsized that day i was the happiest because i didn’t want to be in this corporate job anymore and i wanted to i

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: wanted to be more creative and get out there and the thing that about burning man was it just introduced me to um such a variety of people beyond my little sphere um it was almost like like all of a sudden color was introduced into my wardrobe you know not just colorful hair that the blue hair the full on blue hair came after my corporate world

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: um

[deanna_nwosu]: absolutely

[stacey_newman_weldon]: so that’s why yes that’s who i was before i was basically a corporate wonk living the commuter life um and even though it was good at the time life is way more fun now and since then

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah i think some yeah i think some people that that are experiencing that rut

definitely pre pandemic during pandemic you know with a great resignation great week re awakening i’m sure some of the listeners probably identify with where you felt because like you said when you were laid off it was forcing you into something that you actually wanted to do so kind of talk about you know once that layoff happened you know what was next you know what how did you feel you said you felt excited essentially that you got freedom but then what was the first step after that

[stacey_newman_weldon]: actually the very first step was i called my girlfriend who um is also a burner and she and her friends and family would take an rv and drive across country and they had been looking for another driver so i called her up and i said hey do youstill need somebody i’m available and i actually got

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: to take my first rv trip across the country which inspired the dream to wanna want to become a digital noma and be able to see more of america because i really you know i’ve

[deanna_nwosu]: oh

[stacey_newman_weldon]: traveled europe i’ve traveled you know south america and the caribbean but i haven’t really seen so much of america or at least at that point i hadn’t and so traveling by rv across

[deanna_nwosu]: three

[stacey_newman_weldon]: the country was astounding and i got to be at burning man for the full experience because it’s eight days in the desert of nevada at the event but it’s like it it goes from

flat lake bed desert nothing to a city of seventy thousand highly creative people and i mean it’s a

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: city it has roads it has infrastructure it has rows of porta potties it has water and you know everything but it takes people to build that city and so i got to go for build week for my

[deanna_nwosu]: absolutely

[stacey_newman_weldon]: first time and help build my you know the camp i stayed with which was a largetheme camp with like over two hundred people and and a tremendous interactive what we call frontage  i also got to stay afterwards so i got to see go you know from nothing to build up to the event to it being taken apart and it was tremendous it was just tremendous an i think that just really awakened the creative person in me because burning man really encourages you to be a doer and participate

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: and i wanted to do more so i was encouraged and i you know since those times i’ve become a registered artist at burning man and participated in it in a lot of different different ways and different levels

[deanna_nwosu]: so let’s take a step back so we’ve kind of talked about where you were before your first one and kind of how it impacted you but if you had to describe the burning man experience to let’s say your grandma or a five year old kid

[stacey_newman_weldon]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: what is burning man what makes people seventy thousand people flocked to the desert in the middle of nowhere in the us

[stacey_newman_weldon]: well the stories would be different for grandma than than um a five year old because for a five year old you would just say imagine the craziest playground for grown ups and that’s what you have because that’s really it has been described as a playground because everybody gets to go out there and when you when you’re in a state of play you are opening to wonder and magic  and your creativity and your true self type of things and

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: you’re encouraged to to participate that way so for a five year old they will get it like oh wow that’d be great and when it comes to describing it to my grandma

i will admit my first year i called her up there was um somebody who was offering free phone calls from the desert and i the only

[deanna_nwosu]: mhm

[stacey_newman_weldon]: person i could think to call was my grandma and i’m like hey

[deanna_nwosu]: oh

[stacey_newman_weldon]: grammy i’m in the middle of the desert wearing a t to you know and she’s like oh let me tell you the stories about when i wore two to and i made my boyfriend wear you know like she wore a a tux and made him wear a too to and it just brought out like

[deanna_nwosu]: oh wow grandma was kind of ahead of the the trends there doing

[stacey_newman_weldon]: oh

[deanna_nwosu]: that back in the day

[stacey_newman_weldon]: um actually this is when she was in her eighties so you know she’s yes she has

[deanna_nwosu]: oh wow what a fun grandma

[stacey_newman_weldon]: yeah yeah she was uh amazing and i i often think i inherited an adventure gene from her but so describing it to grandma you have to be careful what grandma  you’re talking about but um if you want to you know in general when you talk when i talk about it i love to really say it’s like it’s a temporary community of seventy thousand highly individual creative people because everybody goes there you know wanting to express a different side you know part of the culture is wearing costumes you know or or wearing artistic outfits or you know some people wear none none at all and that’s expressing themselves and some people wear just work clothes because that’s what

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: they like to do but it is it’s expressing a side of view that often you don’t get to do other places and for me it was definitely a new range of of clothing that was not in my closet for for my my day job um so that’s i i usually say because the art there for me it’s about the art for other people it’s about the party and for some people it’s just about the harshness of camping for in the desert  so there’s a lot of different things for the different people that come there and it’s different from being a festival which is curated by the um the organization putting it together whereas burnie man is an event and and attendees bring the entertainment so they come with the idea they’re going to gift something they’re going to gift their time they’re gonna give their

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: you know voice or singing or telling stories they’re gonna create humongous art  installations and some of the art out there is huge i mean it’s just huge because also in the desert perspective is just wonky so even though it l you know

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: something is four storeys tall from a distance it all it look like you know teeny weenie so so it’s you it just you know you just walk around and and awe at all the different art that is there and burnie man encourages it to have art at all the level so they have stages people can speak at and sing on or whatever they want and they  allow you know and everybody could put art in their camp or they can hese tremendous installations so i have done several um one of the things that was for me i was not a good public speaker i can being in sales i i was great at say you know talking one on one or to smaller groups but getting up on a stage was nerve racking for me and at burning me i got to practice getting up on a stage and giving a speech i gave a speech about adventure which i know but i’m like all of a sudden i’m looking at all these adventurous people and i’m like oh my god but i did it and i got applause and i was like oh my god

[deanna_nwosu]: your adventure may be tame

[stacey_newman_weldon]: well it it i got i

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah yeah you’re thinking your adventure may be tame compared to theirs

[stacey_newman_weldon]: yeah but i was able to over you know face my fear and have fun and that’s part of what adventure is about is taking the risk and doing it anyway and not being concerned about what the outcome is and for me the outcome i thought i was just going to be like nobody you know people would not show up or go away but i got people coming up and hug me and say i’m just like you you know its like wow you know

[deanna_nwosu]: oh wow

[stacey_newman_weldon]: so that’s that’s what’s so great is that you can push your limits or you can test new parts and then it does change you because like i now can talk you know to strangers on an easy basis and i know i can get up on a

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: stage if i need to and just not panic like i used to

[deanna_nwosu]: um it was interesting how you’re talking about i’m so glad that you touched on the fact that the difference between burning man and maybe other festivals that people may be thinking of it as a festival is that it is curated by the attendees but you know i come from the event side of things so as an event organizer i look at it and i think well how do you plan for this thing how do you create the space create this environment so that there are some kind of like rules or boundaries if you will but everyone’s coming to the desert and they’re gonna build the experience that we consume together so can you kind of talk about kind of how the organizers give you guys information as attendees and kind of set those kind of i don’t know to say the parameters and then as an

[stacey_newman_weldon]: yes

[deanna_nwosu]: attendee as you’re planning

[stacey_newman_weldon]: any

[deanna_nwosu]: to go and build your camp and what that look like prepping for burning man

[stacey_newman_weldon]: okay i i’ll um there have been books and books written about all this

so i will try and keep it short there is an organization um the burning man org actually um that : works year round to fundraise to get the ticket set up uh t because it’s a city they they have to be arranging with you know to get volunteers to be the dpw which is you know they

[deanna_nwosu]: hm

[stacey_newman_weldon]: actually have a department of public works that take care of the

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: streets and create the signs and um map it off because when they show up you know like three months ahead of the event it is a flat there’s a nothing desert so they put in a

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: spike and then radiated out from there and lay it all out so they have you know teams of volunteers doing that and then there’s teams of volunteers handling there is a center camp that sells coffee and i think this year might not tell coffee

[deanna_nwosu]: oh okay

[stacey_newman_weldon]: anyway um and years ago when it started because burning man started i think like thirty five years ago at this point as a bonfire on the beach in san francisco and then it grew and grew and then had to move to the desert coz it couldn’t be at the beach anymore um and it grew and grew from there but because of um you know events and life happening they started creating what they call the ten principles so

[deanna_nwosu]: okay

[stacey_newman_weldon]: and you’re gonna test me with remembering every single one but it’s like leave no trace it’s a gifting economy radical inclusion participation

no look i’ve only named four anyway they they have ten principles that are like

[deanna_nwosu]: yes

[stacey_newman_weldon]: guidelines to help you get along in this community and they

do warn you that you have to be prepared because of the leave no trace you have to bring everything in that you’re going to need for the week and you have to bring everything out so you look like you haven’t been there

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: so that means you know they have a whole thing called moping which is um matter out of place so you have to pick up after yourself so even if you’re you know if you’re a smoker and you fss those ashes are not naturally found on that desert so you have to make sure you keep your

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: ashes like in a tin you don’t wear you know you learn not to wear sequence because sequence will fall off your outfit when you’re not paying attention

so you or glitter you know people will wear glitter but glitter falls on the ground so there are and there are communities that have sprung up everywhere i mean that help support people who have never been there before and in fact when i was in new york city i um created an event with my friend bobby

specifically foreign new newcomers newbies you know who had never gone before to help them answer all  the questions i mean yes the first part is you

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: start at is the burning man website because it really does give a really good overview but there’s always going to be questions and

[deanna_nwosu]: mhm

[stacey_newman_weldon]: when you’re preparing

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: like the the the events for introducing new people tothe community and how to get prepared start in january because it does take time when you’re coming from new york it’s you know you have to get not just get tickets because you’re in competition with seventy thousand other people to get those tickets and there’s probably hundreds of

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: thousands of people that want to go and then you also have um pack everything you need and coming from the um east  coast you have to get basically it’ll the average person has like two and a half bins so those yellow yellow top black bins that you see like at home depot or wherever you fill them

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: with with food with well you buy water when you get out to reno um but you know warm gear cause it can get cold in the desert summer gear cause it can be really really hot you have to have good shoes because the alkaline dust of the the desert is not good for your feet you have to have masks because there are dust storms you have to have goggles and sunglasses because of the dust storms and the sun you know so you have to bring all that stuff in and getting it and and then of course your costumes you know you have to have a two two for two two tuesday and you know you want to have and a lot of people wear like fo fur coats at night to keep warm and then also you have to because there are no natural street lights you have to be lit up so that you don’t get run over by

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: what they call mutant mutant vehicles there are these people who have converted rvs and cars into art that drive around at five miles

[deanna_nwosu]: oh

[stacey_newman_weldon]: an hour it’s really

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: if you ever go online and search mutant vehicles burning me you’ll be surprised my favorite is the monaco which was an rv um converted to look like a wooden sailing ship a wooden navy ship from seventeen seventy eight i think they said and i mean

[deanna_nwosu]: oh wow

[stacey_newman_weldon]: it’s got full rigging i mean it actually has sailed under natural wind power  but it’s tremendous so that’s what i mean that’s what people do  i mean there’s also one that looks like an over

[deanna_nwosu]: you kind of mentioned

[stacey_newman_weldon]: i’m sorry just

[deanna_nwosu]: you kind of mentioned you’re good you kind of mentioned the community aspect and can you talk about the fact that there’s smaller like regional little you know burns as you will call them for people that might be either overwhelmed by the idea of going all the way to the desert for the first one or just want to kind of test the water before you know going uh to you know the big overall burning man can you talk about what those kind of regional communities look like and how they operate

[stacey_newman_weldon]: oh definitely

Um bird me has over four hundred regional burns in um almost every single country around the world they may be small but there are there japan has them china has them i remember meeting somebody who started one up in argentina um the bigger one the second biggest one is a uh in israel and the third biggest one is in africa africa burn um so they are everywhere they are also in every single state and sometimes some states have multiple what they call them they call them regional because to be a burning man regional you fall um you follow the ten guidelines the ten principles of leave no trace and participation and all that and it’s usually camping somewhere you know local where people can do their own art installations and have dance parties and all that and i mean the way to find it is you can go on the birmingham website and there is a place that will show you where you know you plug in your state and it’ll show you what the regions are to get in touch with them so i know there’s one in connecticut i know there was one in you know there was one recently down in florida called the love burn and it was on one of the keys and i am here in oregon and oregon actually connects with uh the seattle crew and there’s one called soak you know which because the pacific northwest is so wet they call it soak there’s one in san diego called utopia um y o utopia

um i’m trying to and and : the midwest has one texas has one you know i’m just thinking of the ones recently that i i have friends who have gone i just haven’t haven’t attended the the regionals um around here there was one in washington d c

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: where i exhibited my art installation on the national mall and that happens in november

[deanna_nwosu]: mmm hmm

[stacey_newman_weldon]: um so

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: it is one way to to be involved either to connect back with the community that you met at burning man in the desert or to be introduced because the ethos and the community is there and you start to meet people and connect with them on a whole different level than if you’re just walking down the street or you know in a mom group haven’t and i to be sure i let you know i do i do belong to mom group so

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah um it’s funny you mentioned when we when we met

[stacey_newman_weldon]: go ahead, go ahead

[deanna_nwosu]: well it’s funny when we when we met you kind of mentioned that you know and and at the beginning of this this interview you mentioned that you know you were this

corporate suburban mom you’re like mid life teenage kids the first time you went and what do you wish people realized about the community of burnie man like the people that attend these events

[stacey_newman_weldon]: it i i guess that you know they should what i would like people to know about burners is that we’re not all a bunch of stoners


[deanna_nwosu]: yeah yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: of us some of us do go and don’t do any drugs at all we just enjoy the artwork i’m not going to

[deanna_nwosu]: mmm hmm

[stacey_newman_weldon]: speak for all seventy thousand people that show up you know there’s plenty that that go there and you know silicon valley is well known for you know going there to micro dos and come up with the great next new app you know it’s part of their mantra to go but

 it’s really not all about that so i guess that would be my that’s usually my biggest thing the average age is are people in their thirties because i’ve looked they’ve done census but

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: there are a good percent that are forty plus fifty plus

i know a woman who i know several women who went for their seventieth birthday and loved it and have been back

[deanna_nwosu]: wow

[stacey_newman_weldon]: so age is not a it you know because of the radical inclusion people tend to be more open and accepting and uh okay with alternative points of view

and they try to

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: you know not other people you know in not other um it’s not like me against you it’s like oh aren’t you interesting let me learn more about you is is the feeling i get

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: and people often come back saying i had the most amazing you know i was stuck out by a piece of art in a dust storm and i met this you know person who is from another side of the world and we had the most intense conversation that happens on a regular basis and really that’s yeah community is huge and connection like that happens regularly

[deanna_nwosu]: it sounds like it’s very much a place where there’s something for everyone and it’s

[stacey_newman_weldon]: and

[deanna_nwosu]: just a you know a safe space you know the space is open come as you are and find you know where you fit in in the mix so i really can appreciate that kind of open uh you know non other uh situation as you mention it now can you talk about you know you mentioned that you are now a registered artist so congratulations but how has being in a community like that and

[stacey_newman_weldon]: yes

[deanna_nwosu]: attending you know burning man you know as a spectator now that you are registered artist how has this experience impacted the art that you create

[stacey_newman_weldon]: for me i i think what it did was just opened up um the ability to keep exploring the art i created was at first it had a functional reason for existing

[deanna_nwosu]: mm hm

[stacey_newman_weldon]: and then it got to go b

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: exist on its own outside of my camp because what i built were um basically wooden benches that look like oversized taxi cabs so it you know almost like iconic yellow checker t taxi cabs because i was from new york and the camp

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: i was with had a new york theme to it so it it coordinated really well with it but it’s allowed me to explore my creativity in you know beyond the

[deanna_nwosu]: good

[stacey_newman_weldon]: desert so now i’m a freelance writer and um i also inspire others to you know shift their outlook on life to try new things differently and when i follow things that i’m interested in um i feel okay with that i feel okay with that so that’swhere you know the participation part also it inspires you to do you know not just sit back and watch others do it but to be a part of the whole fun i mean that you know you don’t you don’t really experience joy unless you’re moving in a sense you know so participating and communicating and connecting with others and not just letting others do it for you you know you get to it’s it’s hard work

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: you know but you get such a joy from the satisfaction of doing the work and you’re doing with other people so it doesn’t often feel like ho you know hard work maybe sometimes in the moment because it can get hot and you can get cranky if you don’t drink enough water

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: but yeah it’s inspired a lot of uh you know i’ve seen a lot of other people get very inspired um and that their creative side has grown i knew a friend who um you know my first impression of him was he was an uptight lawyer and he has

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: and he went to burning man and you know he also turned out to be a a marathon runner and he would explore all the things and he also became an artist and you know he’s now one of my

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: closest friends but and no way you know my my vision of them is definitely change  um but he’s now got uh he’s submitted three  pieces of art to have out on the thing or

[deanna_nwosu]: you

[stacey_newman_weldon]: to display at one of the regionals so it just it helps expand what you want to to create

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah it was interesting when we met uh last week before this this episode you said something really kind of key and i think you just kind of touched on that with your friend is that this experience helped kind of uncover the real you you were always there was always kind of underneath but kind of going out to the desert you know having this experience with all these strangers you know looking at these art installations and the people that you’re meeting and just a really open inclusive environment it kind of broke away that outer all black everyday shell and expose the real stacey that was in size it’s probably the same um with your friend um

[stacey_newman_weldon]: yes yes well a lot of people hm

[deanna_nwosu]: so i have loved this conversation so much stacey

[stacey_newman_weldon]: i wanted to let you know one other thing that um : their

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: kids are allowed to go you know there is a whole camp for families called kidville so as a mom i don’t know how important this is in your life but um it’s not just thirty something year old who are there to you know party in the desert there is a whole camp with

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: parents and kids and you know enjoying the big playground that is burning man so

[deanna_nwosu]: love the idea of this essentially neighborhood and community that descends under this place you consume this time together you create all these memories and then poof it’s gone and then there’s no you know like you said no : trace that that even existed so what a beautiful what a beautiful description of what burning man offers

[stacey_newman_weldon]: yes and thank you for getting it so well

[deanna_nwosu]: so i really enjoyed our conversation yeah yeah i’ve enjoyed our conversation stacey there’s uh one question that i ask all my guests so hopefully it doesn’t catch you off guard but if you had to pick a song to either convey like your first burning man being an artist at bernie man or just : the lessons you’ve learned all these years what would that song be and why

[stacey_newman_weldon]: okay you caught somebody who is not musically inclined

[deanna_nwosu]: i mean it can be a nursery rhyme whatever whatever strikes your fancy

[stacey_newman_weldon]: well the song that sort of pops into my head and i don’t even know the name but it’s like that it’s like probably a sixties song and it’s like church change is i

was elvis and not elvis um elton john ch change is

[deanna_nwosu]: i think so

[stacey_newman_weldon]: anyway um that

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: because it changes people and that’s sort of what is running through my head you know when you go

[deanna_nwosu]: okay

[stacey_newman_weldon]: there the sound of burning me would probably be more like dubstep or edm  but no for me it it’s more free flowing than that yeah sorry i

[deanna_nwosu]: absolutely absolutely

[stacey_newman_weldon]: i you’re right y you caught me off guard the the the song thing is is a challenge for me

[deanna_nwosu]: we’ll find it i’m sure we can look it up on our on spotify add it to our show

playlist um but i think you’re right i think it is out and john changes so we got the essence of what you meant there now before we sign off stacey i do want you to let know where they can find you and adventure wednesdays on the inter webs

[stacey_newman_weldon]: oh all right well my website is adventure wednesday’s plural so there’s an s dot com that’s my website and uh i do have a lot of blogs and one of the the categories is burning man in travel if you want to learn more about burning men i also have instagram and a facebook page at adventure wednesdays and  on facebook i also have a facebook group called adventure wednesday’s explorer group and what i do there is i try to you know help women inspire to go take themselves on adventure so every monday i offer a mini adventure idea i offer thoughtful insightful quotes and other you know whatever  else pops up

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[stacey_newman_weldon]: so that’s where you find me

[deanna_nwosu]: awesome, wonderful we’ll have all those links in the show notes so that guests can easily click click and find you but thank you so much for this conversation i think everyone that’s listening is probably googling burning man or regional burning man as we speak because you just you paint such a beautiful picture of what the experience is so thanks for joining us today stacey and have a great rest of your day

[stacey_newman_weldon]: great thank you Deanna for having me

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