S2 Episode 5

[deanna_nwosu]: i know experience junkies we don’t typically have what i would call adrenaline junkies on the show but i am joined today by a repeat triathalon brett musco brett has an interesting take on the accessibility and welcoming spirit of the triathlon community and how he makes training and experiencing the events a whole family affair listen in as i chat with brett on why more people should consider joining the adventure sports lifestyle

[deanna_nwosu]: welcome back to the experienced junkies podcast today i have with me brett musco he is a triathlon athlete uh but i liked when i had a conversation with him : before the episode that he told me the reasons that he does triathlons uh well might surprise you just a little bit it’s not the typical kind of adrenaline junkie that you might expect so i’m so happy to have you here brett thanks for joining

[brett_musco]: yeah and no thank you so much for having me on the podcast i’ve been a huge fan and uh we look forward

[deanna_nwosu]: no thank you so much about being a podcast and

[brett_musco]: to our conversation

[deanna_nwosu]: awesome so before we start go ahead and tell the people a little bit about who

you are and what you do

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[brett_musco]: so um you know i am based on the east coast of the us and you know i’ve been kind of involved in inter sports since around twenty seventeen so going on about five years now i sort it out by by doing a charity open water to swim and then you know i kind of fell down the hole of you know getting into running getting to marathons and now i actually do track lines and started at some of you know shorter distances and now have worked my way up in the last year to do a full distance i man trap on in twenty twenty one

[deanna_nwosu]: now i somewhat consider myself an athlete but let me just say

[brett_musco]: seven

[deanna_nwosu]: running anything more than a mile never has appealed to me uh i’m not the strongest swimmer and i haven’t rode a bike since i was a kid so kind of gave the audience a little bit of um uh reasoning behind what drew you to triathlons and really kind of these races and you know competitive sports in general

[brett_musco]: yeah so i mean i actually was not a athlete really at all um i was mediocre at high school golf many years ago and did pretty much nothing uh in college so

[deanna_nwosu]: so

[brett_musco]: definitely didn’t come from

[deanna_nwosu]: come from

[brett_musco]: a a running

[deanna_nwosu]: man

[brett_musco]: background and you know i guess walking a golf course counts but questionable

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: i i think what has drawn me and i mean i get involved by you know i wanted to i

suffered some injuries at college started swimming and then i had always observed for twenty years growing up this charity swim ne my parents and that kind of got me you know something i really want to go after and try and experience so that was kind of like my first you know i guess hunt intended dipping my toe in the water um

[deanna_nwosu]: i like that

[brett_musco]: of of some athletics though um but you know one thing that has really drawn me to traf on is you know the challenge of it the fact that you know if you’re in one hundred meter dash you’re reaching other athletes for if trach yourself to do

[deanna_nwosu]: you know let’s me to that

[brett_musco]: better and it’s really more of a you know can i better myself and can i push myself beyond where i’ve gone before and i think you know actually going back to high scope i think there’s some similar traits in those two sports of like you’re never gonna play a perfect round of golf you could always have done a little bit better you’re never going to have a perfect tra on you’re always kind of working to improve and take those next steps  i’m also a science and math person i do do

[deanna_nwosu]: no

[brett_musco]: project management outside outside of that outside they get kind of of it so i think it kind of ties into that personality that i have a little bit there too

[deanna_nwosu]: thanks for providing some context so for all the either non athletes or like people that didn’t play sports as a child you know let brett be your inspiration

like it’s never too late to uh to try and to start so appreciate that you went

[brett_musco]: you

[deanna_nwosu]: from like relatively you know golf and i totally understand i did golf for year in high school and um i

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: haven’t done it since cause that’s how that’s how mediocre or bad i was um but yeah so anyone can start um being

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: active or doing some type of activity at any age you know regardless of what your previous experience was so thanks for stating that and and i really appreciated that you mentioned triathlons are not race wors competing against other racers it’s you’re competing with yourself and and what have

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: you learned in that process of doing these traf lines and competing with yourself like what has that process of always trying to just better like your personal time and how you compete how has that you know impacted you

[brett_musco]: yeah so i mean i i think there’s a couple ways you know it impacted me you know one thing actually to kind of add a reason for about track’s awesome is that there are all these different distances you could do kind of like running so

[deanna_nwosu]: it has

[brett_musco]: like you don’t have to go out there and do an eye and you can kind of you know begin to scare out you know pas where it starts at something really short and then say like oh maybe i could do something a little bit longer maybe i could actually try

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: this and and continuing to push that comfort zone has been something i’ve really kind of learned um is like you know really being like okay you know i i can get this under my bell i could take this small bite you know now i can actually push to something further the other thing i think it really taught me is you know i am uh i guess you consider me very type a i like being very structured i like having a schedule it’s taught me that like you know sometimes i have to break out of that um that you know especially in in longer trafford to clan

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: uh you know you’re gonna drop something you’re you’re going you know uh have a mechanical sho for your bike um or you know you don’t know maybe it’s going to stop snowing or no raining not saying that’s ever happened in the middle of the race but y you have to be able to cope and do bed on that and you know you can’t always compare one to one of like you know how i did it this way so that way because you know different conditions different days different weather different events but really being able to reflect and look back at like how you adjust it on the fly and and how you able to be flexible in kind of that challenge aspect of that too

[deanna_nwosu]: knowing that you briefly mentioned the iron man and you know no one has to go out and run an iron man but can you give a little bit of context and for anyone out there that doesn’t know the triathlon is what a basic trifling is and kind of how an iron man might differ

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah yeah so

[brett_musco]: yeah so really in tra on in most store faces as a whole there’s kind of a whole different set of them traf on typically is you swim you then do a bike immediately afterwards and you run there are variations of stuff like two athlons where you don’t do the swimming if you’re not comfortable for the swimming um where you just do the bike in the run so there’s all these kinds of perspectives they really vengeance you know the standard if if you watch the olympics a lot of

people you know see track on there for the first time the standard distances

there is you know you’re swimming a mile you’re biking twenty five and you’re running ten kilometer so about six miles but there are some that are shorter than that about half that size so

[deanna_nwosu]: i was t for they was some day

[brett_musco]: what’s considered like a spring distance an iron man is a much longer verse of that it’s actually about four times that length so in an iron man you’re

[deanna_nwosu]: well

[brett_musco]: swimming for two point four miles you’re then biking a hundred and twelve miles and then once you get done with all that you run a full mail th at the end of that  so it’s an event

[deanna_nwosu]: so to that at least they they are given a c of sevens to read it

[brett_musco]: that takes athletes they normally are given a cut off of seventeen hours to complete it and it would take you know athletes anywhere between you know nine hours in that seventeen hours to complete

[deanna_nwosu]: wow so essentially a full day of of activity

[brett_musco]: yes yeah and

[deanna_nwosu]: oh my goodness

[brett_musco]: you know one one thing crazy that that people don’t realize is you know it’s it’s seventeen hours from race start but a lot of us are there you: don’t realize you know it’s hours know for many hours beforehand setting up getting nutrition ready so you know either race may start at sun up at like seven a m but you know most people are there around four a m are setting up their bikes getting their care ready so a route comes you know almost you know four a m to midnight for a lot of people and in my time they they get home it’s it’s a full night

[deanna_nwosu]: what’s interesting is i know you mentioned that you really incorporate your family with these runs in terms of traveling with you around the country to go to different ones why is it so important for you to include your family and and how

if you mention you know the prep and you may actually be there closer to twenty four hours you know how do you know your wife and your kids you know cope with that

[brett_musco]: yeah i mean

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[brett_musco]: it it’s uh i think people look at indoor sports as a lot of times being very individual because you see someone out biking while some out running alone but really it’s not and it it really is almost a it’s a four time hobby it’s it’s a four time lifestyle that you’re in uh and and to do that i couldn’t do without my family i couldn’t do it without my my wife understanding you know i’m gonna go out and ride for five hours on a saturday or you know i’m gonna be going to bed

early because you know i have a big workout and really being there to support me it’s not a individual it it takes a team it takes whether that’s your family your community your friends it’s a it’s a full team effort and so it’s really important for me to have them there on the race uh because you know it’s kind of like you know the race is like the tip of the iceberg there’s so much that’s gone into it beforehand and that race really isn’t you know people see it as the main event for me and for my family it’s kind of the celebration at the end of it the celebration of

[deanna_nwosu]: if born family is part of they celebrate um

[brett_musco]: the road we’ve gone down to get there so it’s really important for me to have them there because it’s as much a celebration for me but i’m just celebration for them because they’ve gotten me to that finish line hopefully to the finish line if i’ reach it there but they’ve gotten

[deanna_nwosu]: right right

[brett_musco]: me gotta be got to meet too that day um so for me you know i i am i like to travel a lot too uh so you know it’s always fun to do races in new cities and you know have my family come along to see those in cities and i normally like to do

my big race kind of end of the year obviously being on the east coast here in the northeast kind of october november outside activities die down a little bit definitely

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: no swimming um so you know try to do a big race kind of end of the year at destination where they

could come along so you know stuff that we’ve done before you know my parents

came down with me to wake to do a race down there in twenty nineteen my mom loved chip and joanna again going

[deanna_nwosu]: no ask any

[brett_musco]: down to magnolia market down there it was

[deanna_nwosu]: oh nice

[brett_musco]: a great trip to see afterwards you know you know go going out to kind of indiana or new york city where you know i have some siblings with you know my family my wife um and making a trip out of it you know going along and you know spending some time there afterwards when i can kind of unwind explore a new city enjoy time with them and really kind of soak in the cell base

and that is kind of the end of a season and the end of the year and i have to say like why i it’s a four and for for me it’s a four day effort for them for that yeah out there cheering they they’re crazy with the signs they they’re i mean my wife sometimes had my eye they see crazy besides that yeah my wife sometimes i might i rather they see flo in like she collected in like five to eight miles of walking just running around trying five thirty miles oh wow to keep  keep up with me and and help taking photos and and the hand text message of how up with me and and you know taking photos and and the family text message of how i’m doing and i’m doing it it’s always great and it it really fuels me in my races and even after my races to know that they’re supporting me and that i’m celebrating what ‘ve accomplished and how much they’ve gonna need to be

[deanna_nwosu]: that’s just so beautiful bret that you know like your whole family is involved you know your parents your wife or kids and and how do you try and incorporate special family moments on race day especially with you kind of being focused on the task at hand yeah they’re pouring love and everything into you but how do you guys try to make either points of like connection between everyone or just you know extra little special memories that you can take with you after the race

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah so

[brett_musco]: so you know it’s always just the little things um you know whether it be signs that i keep or you know trying to ca scout them out give them high fives as i’m going by and you know actually for indiana we packed i packed up my wife a i caught it my tri soper survival kit it was you know a whole bunch of stuff

[deanna_nwosu]: it was you know a whole bunch of stuff for her to do on the day when i’m out

[brett_musco]: for her to do on the day when i’m out there for you know ten hours um you know a

[deanna_nwosu]: there for you know i was

[brett_musco]: ten you know a book you know some little bottles of wines and chocolates little special mens we can do like that um and then obviously

[deanna_nwosu]: right and

[brett_musco]: you know the experiences afterwards are always good memories um whether it be you know road tripping back

[deanna_nwosu]: the experience at work for you

[brett_musco]: or you know spending time afterwards you know having an actual celebration of them for really you know some of the most special things i have seen them on the course and in had ran traction

this last year i got to do the new york city marathon you know it’s the first time

[deanna_nwosu]: wow

[brett_musco]: my my brother’s new baby go girl  who was uh just just under one years old was out there could see her along the course and that was just super special and just something i’ll always internally remember i know

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah that’s that’s really nice now on actual race day you kind of talked about the the lengths and miles and distance for all the activities on a try on a iron man especially i’m just thinking of the physical toll that takes you know people that run a marathon usually their body is achy their feet are blistery you know so when you tack on a uh uh bike race and

[brett_musco]: you

[deanna_nwosu]: swimming on to that as well i just can’t imagine the physical feeling until it takes from your body what is your y when you’re out there on foot on bike in the water and like what keeps you going because i know there have to be moments of pain during that process

[brett_musco]: yeah yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah yeah

[brett_musco]: i there definitely is moments of pain and i definitely think like you know the physical to is one thing but the the mental toll and the mental focus it takes to really be in the moment at that point in time for that long period of time one thing actually interesting about triathlon that maybe some people don’t know is that actually you’re not allowed any electronics when you’re out there so you’re almost completely

[deanna_nwosu]: no wow

[brett_musco]: disconnected from the war for that time there’s no

[deanna_nwosu]: that time

[brett_musco]: music in your head you you’re purely then mentally in focused but for me you know my y is one to to push myself and and to find you know you know what my limit is but also to find what i have in in my body no i can go before you know a lot of people who who train for something like a five thousand or you know a hundred meter dash event right they’ve run the hua das hundreds of times beforehand when you’re training for an iron man you never do an iron man in practice you have

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: never done that just because of that toll right so you’re out there and you’re doing it like manage my for i man that’s the first time i’ve ever done those in a row and like you know the the push to say like you know kind of trust my training trust you know where i’ve got into it stay kind of that mentally focused really where you keeps me driving and to find you know what i’m capable of and and maybe exceed what i think i’m actually capable of um the other thing i would say is track lawns and jo sports the best crowds i think i’ve i’ve ever seen uh people always put up hilarious signs people give you high fives

[deanna_nwosu]: my eyes and i find that

[brett_musco]: and i find that interacting with those crowds really is fuel it is the motivation to see you know the little kids running out to give the the parents a high five as they run by

[deanna_nwosu]: it’s a high five that’s three one five

[brett_musco]: or you know

[deanna_nwosu]: or you know i actually one of my mail someone i ran out with a box of dough

[brett_musco]: i actually in one of my marathons someone ran out with a box of doughnuts and van alongside me and offer me a doughnut as i was around age i decided it was best not to take the doughnut but you know still the

[deanna_nwosu]: there were those little things were going and

[brett_musco]: those little things really keep you going and and the community that is round triathlon really is motivational and you know drives us all to do better

[deanna_nwosu]: so you talked about the mental toll that it takes you know to to stay motivated to keep going and like the purpose of doing these races is to challenge yourself mentally so obviously you’re running and you’re biking and you’re swimming to prep for race day but how do you get your mind in mental shape for you know the the task at hand

[brett_musco]: honestly i i don’t know if there’s a good way to get it necessarily in mental shape i think there is you know just learning and practice and then building trust and

[deanna_nwosu]: m is how just

[brett_musco]: and you know you have stuff go wrong in training and you kind of get a roll of those punches too and kind of learn from that whether it’s i’m out on a ride and i get a flat tire in training you know still kind of personally fear we all have kind of good days we all have bad days uh and and we find a way to kind of you know pick ourselves up and get and get through them and move forward and i think you know taking time to really reflect on those when you’re in training also helps you on race day i’m not gonna say it’s it’s all you know amazing on race

[deanna_nwosu]: amazing

[brett_musco]: say there moments of doubt there are really dark moments in my mind but you got

[deanna_nwosu]: my mind but you gotta know

[brett_musco]: to know how to kind of refocus on the big picture in what you’re trying to accomplish and kind of push through and i think that’s something you know you can kind of take to everyday life a lot and look at experiences so you know really you know in my training i do do a lot of reflecting on you know how things went and you know i learned the most of my bad days i

[deanna_nwosu]: and

[brett_musco]: don’t learn much from the workouts that

[deanna_nwosu]: else i know

[brett_musco]: go perfect and i hit everything i want to do and i ran fast and i have a show that that’s a good feeling but i really learned from from the challenging days

[deanna_nwosu]: three

[brett_musco]: and where you’d like to

[deanna_nwosu]: to focus on those

[brett_musco]: focus on those more than the successes

[deanna_nwosu]: successes you kind of talked about you know the the things that go through your mind can you walk us through especially as non athletes some couch potatoes or just non you know triathlons walk us through what goes through your mind during a race like whether it’s during the transitions between the activities or just if you’re having a low patch how you talk yourself out of it like what’s going through your mind in those moments

[brett_musco]: yeah i mean i think uh it really starts early in the day and really the week of one thing about chaining is you know those last couple weeks you’re not doing a ton of training and it gets really no fracking those so like i find those last two weeks before base’s called a tape period the hottest ah because you feel like you’re not doing

[deanna_nwosu]: i those last four days what probably take for the forest

[brett_musco]: anything you’re worried you didn’t do enough you’re stressing about packing

[deanna_nwosu]: feel like you’re not doing anything right

[brett_musco]: uh so you know really

[deanna_nwosu]: so you don’t

[brett_musco]: trying to focus your mind there um it is always a challenge and really trying to visualize i think before the race is something i always try to do whether it be on actual resta uh if things are going well and and things are feeling good it it’s almost like a a zen almost like a meditation that you kind of

[deanna_nwosu]: hm

[brett_musco]: get into especially i

[deanna_nwosu]: especially

[brett_musco]: find on the bike that one thing about iron man is you have to be very strict about your nutrition when you’re fueling on the bike simply you know you have to eat a lot of food you’re burning you know seven ten thousand calories in the race you got to

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: consume that water you’re raising so you know you you kind of have practiced this set schedule where i know

[deanna_nwosu]: why are you raising so you know you

[brett_musco]: you every ten minutes after fifteen minutes i’m gonna be taking some food some water you know i’m going to go through an eight secon and swap out a water bottle but eventually you know you practice it so much that it becomes almost kind of like second nature ah and like you know you almost just are in the moment taking it in um one thing you know we all have these gadgets telling us on peace our power

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: speed i

[deanna_nwosu]: i also like to just to know and not focus on that just listen to on

[brett_musco]: often like to just turn them off and not focus on them and just listen to how my body is feeling during the race and listening to you know that rather than you know what some number is telling me and that’s where i find i

[deanna_nwosu]: act rather than what’s

[brett_musco]: perform the best i think in terms of the dark moments that there’s no no good way to refocus with them or we just kind of think of like you know uh sometimes you know you see it and and sometimes you know things don’t go your way and you just got to focus on what you have accomplished i know i’m in indian i stumbled into someone right in after i finished they were just entering chances and they got off the bike and they actually had missed the cut off time so they won’t

[deanna_nwosu]: oh well

[brett_musco]: going to be allowed to go on to the run

[deanna_nwosu]: to even go r and they were

[brett_musco]: and they were pretty upset and i was talking to with them and i was like you know at the same time like you just swam two point four miles and biked over a hundred like you know ninety nine percent of people couldn’t do that like that is an

[deanna_nwosu]: ray ninety nine

[brett_musco]: accomplishment and and sometimes you got to remind yourself of that and and just

[deanna_nwosu]: exactly yeah and sometimes you know

[brett_musco]: pursue and do your best and if that means you’re walking the back half of the marathon so be

[deanna_nwosu]: so yeah

[brett_musco]: it i mean you live

[deanna_nwosu]: play

[brett_musco]: you learn and and you just go to kind of look at it what you’ve got to do and how you’ve done now

[deanna_nwosu]: that’s the beauty of these events right the community that surrounds them um and what have you found uh that you really cling to a really cherish the most about whether it’s the iron man community or just you know triathlon community in general what do you get from other people yourself that embark on these type of races

[brett_musco]: yeah i i think it’s really just the kind of endurance for community you know a lot of people i think on the outside you know see the professionals and i see like these intense really focus but you know the

[deanna_nwosu]: rain yes

[brett_musco]: a community is so welcoming and warm and you know you go there and people aren’t there to sabotage each other aren’t they each other they’re there too we are in this

[deanna_nwosu]: we just

[brett_musco]: together and it’s um

[deanna_nwosu]: are

[brett_musco]: while in some aspects i think there’s ways that can be more diverse one thing i do love is that you go there and you see people in all walks of life that you show up these races and you have everyone from you know teenagers who are doing

[brett_musco]: their first race to you know the family getting out of their call with you

[deanna_nwosu]: what you know the six seven the i year old

[brett_musco]: know the six to seventy eight year old who they woke up at six a

[deanna_nwosu]: six am

[brett_musco]: m and they’re cheering for them

[deanna_nwosu]: about two two have two ra was so by me and up there

[brett_musco]: to do you have people doing these races for seventy five to eighty uh in out there and all kind of fly waiting all going together

[deanna_nwosu]: my wedding

[brett_musco]: you know before the race people always super helpful i actually had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction in one of my races this year

[deanna_nwosu]: oh no

[brett_musco]: the at this at the st light

[deanna_nwosu]: not a janet not a janet jackson moment

[brett_musco]: not as bad but the start line by uh the top the zipper to my top group instantly i think i had i had five people trying to fix it

[deanna_nwosu]: ah i got you six

[brett_musco]: for me i had someone brought me over bobby like just like incredible amount of support and even after the race just like you know

[deanna_nwosu]: like just like amounts

[brett_musco]: strangers grabbing drinks together or sharing kind of the those war stories

afterwards i traveled to one race this year it was actually the first time i’ve done race alone my wife couldn’t come along with me and i stand in north carolina and the community was so welcoming we you know people off and like hey we know you here alone like you know people will make signs for you they make these lists and they cheer every out of town or just afterwards they end up getting drinks of you know five complete random strangers who i never met before in

[deanna_nwosu]: what read

[brett_musco]: the community and now you know we bump and show that hes and we

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: talk and and hang out so i’m definitely just a super warm collaborative community

[deanna_nwosu]: i’m definitely just a super collaborative a child

[brett_musco]: to kind of get through these events

[deanna_nwosu]: it reminds me of fit because i think there’s a similar uh

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: negative connotation with it like i even myself before i ever tried it i assumed that it was all you know you see the people that do the crossfit games and

they’re super competitive and like ripped and you’re like i wouldn’t i

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: can’t do that and then when i started going i’m like oh my gosh it’s people of ll walks of life like you mentioned young old people that are obese and

overweight that are doing you know modified exercises if need be and it’s a very welcoming kind of like all when you’re in the workouts together you’re helping

each other there’s a lot of partner workouts and it’s like cheering each other on so i totally understand what you mean about you know outside looking in maybe it’s a little bit more competitive than it actually is for those who are participating and it’s really more welcoming and you know

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: encouraging than people may think

[brett_musco]: yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah even i would say to the races like

[brett_musco]: even i would say even in the races like the athletes like i mean the spectators are incredible even the athletes people encouraging each other like you know if someone

[deanna_nwosu]: if someone misses you w

[brett_musco]: passes you or or you pass someone there’s almost always word saying like oh

[deanna_nwosu]: oh

[brett_musco]: great job keep on going people

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: aren’t like upset to see see people passing them this kind of like wow good job or if you see some struggling you know people stop people

[deanna_nwosu]: just kind of like allowing the job where you see some struggling you know people

[brett_musco]: help

[deanna_nwosu]: wow and you know one

[brett_musco]: and you know one one actually ion me tradition that’s super special that i think many people don’t know about is this return to the finish line um so you know in a lot of the races the pros the early finishes we all come back and we chair in the final

[deanna_nwosu]: in a lot of races and grows the

[brett_musco]: finisher of that race and you know in some cases that might be you know

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah you know in some cases that like you know ten hours nine hours

[brett_musco]: hours nine ten hours after you’ve finished so you know you

[deanna_nwosu]: wow

[brett_musco]: might finish you might you might go home have lunch take

shower people come back and they chew on that final finish up

[deanna_nwosu]: six go

[brett_musco]: in the end

[deanna_nwosu]: in the end you know we are

[brett_musco]: you know we all have completed the same course we all completed the same challenge in different times maybe but you know we all got through it uh and it’s really a special moment to see and and always great to be there for

[deanna_nwosu]: kind of like a no soldier left behind hand a feeling essentially

[brett_musco]: yeah absolutely yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: well bret this has been so great i’ve been i’ve loved this conversation and i’m

so glad that you joined but one last question before we wrap up uh if you had to pick a song to convey the experience of running a triathlon whether it’s an iron

man or another traf on or even just the experience of training and getting ready for race day what would that song be and why

[brett_musco]: o this is this is a hard question one i think because you know

[deanna_nwosu]: cook snow

[brett_musco]: we’re not allowed to have music so i i can’t actually listen to music so you know what i’m

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: actually hearing on the course is just whatever

[deanna_nwosu]: course

[brett_musco]: spectator is blasting so you might find me running and dancing along to just random tunes on

[deanna_nwosu]: sp i did is blasting so find me running it

[brett_musco]: the side of the coz

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah very eclectic

[brett_musco]: i i think a two songs come to to mind for me if i’m allowed to go with two but ah i i think the first is

[deanna_nwosu]: absolutely your world we’re just living in it

[brett_musco]: so the first i guess is sound my dad he’s a big classic rock fan but one song i always remember growing up is the song show of life by fish actually

[deanna_nwosu]: it’s like

[brett_musco]: and i think you know that song to me really reflects the whole community around it everyone who’s

[deanna_nwosu]: and i think you know that sort to really reflects the whole

[brett_musco]: out there

[deanna_nwosu]: right

[brett_musco]: that day and also you know just taking in the crowd in in the experience in the moment and really you know appreciating everyone who’s there everything that’s going on and not being so focused and regimented and we’re welcoming community

[deanna_nwosu]: no

[brett_musco]: i guess a

[deanna_nwosu]: yes i did

[brett_musco]: a more modern song that also comes to my mind is can’t hold us by mac one

[deanna_nwosu]: oh okay

[brett_musco]: great pump up song so if fame is

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[brett_musco]: out of race please play that we all love it it keeps us going

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah

[brett_musco]: but

[deanna_nwosu]: universal playlist

[brett_musco]: yeah yeah universal play let’s right there there there’sone i i think i have this song like memorized at some point so it’s great becausei can sing it to myself while i’m running although i’m awful singer and uh there’s  one

[deanna_nwosu]: is one line with

[brett_musco]: line where where he really talks about you know just to live life and you know that like you know you have you know your family your friends your city your community behind you um and that you know you can lean on them when you fail oh you can lean on them when you have hard days and you can lean on them to get energy and that’s really

[deanna_nwosu]: by

[brett_musco]: something you know that’s important

[deanna_nwosu]: important

[brett_musco]: to me whether you have a family who can make all the races or whether you’ve built your own family with your friends or whether you you’ve buil it with the community really in tra of that community there is to support us and it’s what gets us through it and that’s so really fascinating for me on that part

[deanna_nwosu]: nice well you are the first guest to offer two songs so that’s an experienced chunky little milestone there

[brett_musco]: too far

[deanna_nwosu]: no before we sign off bret let people know where they can find you uh on the

interwebs if you want to be found that is

[brett_musco]: yeah yeah

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah yeah know always some

[brett_musco]: no i’m always uh super to connect um so i do have an instagram at keepontri_ing that you can find i also do have a website slash blog i have been starting up really remember brettmusco.com and if anyone is really interested in learning more about it they could definitely reach out to me there i always like trying to bring new people into the community the sport that people started because it really is different than what it looks like from the outside um so yeah definitely if you want to reach out to me there that’d be great

[deanna_nwosu]: yeah we may have a new iron man or triathlon that that comes as listening to the to this episode but

[brett_musco]: that’d be great

[deanna_nwosu]: thanks so much for thanks very much for joining today bret it’s been great having this conversation and appreciate you joining

[brett_musco]: yeah no thanks so much for having me on and i look forward to listening to podcast

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